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       You are on the website of the Organizer of auction for selection of RES projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has introduced an auction mechanism for selecting renewable energy projects, which is aimed at selecting the most effective projects at the lowest prices. This mechanism replaced the fixed tariffs that were in effect until 2018, which initially allowed the launch of the renewable energy sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

JSC KOREM is defined as the auction organizer on the basis of the Order of the acting Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 7, 2017 No. 280. Our company is proud to be part of the work carried out in our country on transition to green technologies and increasing the share of renewable energy in Kazakhstan.

In course of preparation and holding auction the JSC KOREM actively cooperates with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the the Financial Settlement Center, the single buyer of electric energy generated by the RE facilities. Our joint team is ready to provide You with assistance and support during participation in auction of 2021.

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This site contains all the documents that may be useful for you to prepare for auction and when deciding on investing in the RES sector – General information on RES sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan, legislation in the RES sector, information on auction results, auction schedule, and other documents that may be useful to investors.

Auction biddings in 2021 will be held according to the schedule approved by the Ministry of energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan from November 8 to 12, 2021.

The total installed capacity planned for selection in 2021 is 200 MW, broken down by type of power plant:

- solar power plants (SPP) - 20 MW;

- wind power plants (WPP) – 50 MW;

- hydroelectric power plants (HPP) - 120 MW;

- biofuel power plants (BioPP) - 10 MW.

If You have any questions, You may contact us via the feedback form or email (vie@korem.kz) or by phone:

Kulanbay Abay (7172) 743-866 (Kazakh and Russian languages);

Omarova Ainur (7172) 740-898 (Kazakh and Russian languages);

Abulgazin Dias (7172) 741-474 (English language).

  • JSC KOREM (auction organizer)

Aitmagambetov Nurkuat (7172) 982-972 (Kazakh and Russian languages);

Azhiyev Kanat (7172) 982-968 (1402) (English language).

Akhmetov Zamira (7172) 690-106 (Kazakh and Russian languages);

Dosmail Ruslan (7172) 693-573 (English languages).

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